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Pass Me

Here in PASS ME Driving School, we are renowned for our unmatched professionalism and high first time pass rates and we do this whilst providing you the best and enjoyable experience in the most professional manner.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent results and are committed to improving your driving skills in the fastest way possible. 


Whether you are a complete new learner who is struggling to grasp driving concepts and is overwhelmed by all the skills needed to learn or someone who is looking to refresh their driving and polish up certain skills.

We are here for you and we will take you through this challenging journey of both achieving your driving licence and mastering your driving skills which is something you will keep forever.


New Learner

  • £40 per Hour

  • £75 For 2 Hours

Intensive Driving Course

  • £500 For 10 Hours Including Car Hire


  • £675 For 15 Hours Including Car Hire

  • £850 For 20 Hours Including Car Hire

  • £1025 For 25 Hours Including Car Hire

  • £1200 For 30 Hours Including Car Hire

  • £1500 For 40 Hours Including Car Hire

Car Hire On Test Day

  • Starts At £150 In Isleworth

  • Contact Us For Our Latest Price For Your Area

Driving Instructor Training

  • £50 Per Hour

  • Contact For More Information

Motor Way Lessons

  • £50 Per Hour


  • £40 Per Hour

  • £70 For 2 Hours

So are you Finally ready to overcome your driving challenges with ease?

Contact us today via phone or send us a direct message on WhatsApp.

Let's start your journey to becoming a proficient driver with PASS ME Driving School, where your driving success is our mission.


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