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Welcome to PASS ME Driving School

 Turning Challenging Drives into Effortless Journeys

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For You To Choose Us

Speedy Driving Tests
We can book your driving test 10x faster.
With PASS ME Pre

Quick Response
Rapid Responses to ensure we book you in as soon as possible.

Success Stories
We have helped countless number of students achieve their licence on their first attempt.

Our Lessons are booked to your choice of timings and can easily be adapted 

Mock Tests
We offer mock tests to all our pupils conducted to DVSA standard here at PASS ME Driving School

Here at PASS ME Driving School, Our Instructors have over a decade worth of experience and are approved by the DVSA



Guided by none other than Sultan, a maestro behind the wheel with over a decade of experience in either taking you from someone who has never touched a steering wheel to an absolute pro or nurturing semi-skilled drivers who need that extra push to reach their full potential.


 Sultan's known for infusing each lesson with unparalleled value by using his unique gift in making driving accessible and enjoyable, even for those who once believed a driver's licence was beyond their reach.

What truly sets Sultan apart is his ability to make hard things easy. When he teaches, its not just about giving instructions. He breaks down tough driving ideas into simple steps that anyone can understand. 

It's not just his teaching that's exceptional - it's his professionalism. Sultan's commitment to excellence resonates in every aspect of his instruction. From punctuality to patience, 

With Sultan, you're not just learning to drive - you're embarking on a journey of discovery. You'll find yourself navigating not only the roads but also unlocking a newfound sense of confidence and independence.

Join the ranks of countless successful drivers who have had their lives transformed by Sultan's expertise.


This is how you get driving

Typically, a PASS ME student requires fewer lessons to pass than the national DVSA average, showcasing our efficient and effective teaching approach.

Getting your provisional licence
Booking a driving lesson
Book your theory test

1. Get Your Provisional Licence

Apply to the DVLA to get your licence. The cost is currently £34 online

3. Book A Lesson

Simple and Quick with PASS ME.

All it takes is One call or DM and you are on the road

2. Theory Test

Get ready for your theory test

Your first key to acing the practical!

Pass your practical test

4. Pass your test - Unlock your freedom!

After passing, enjoy the freedom to drive anytime, anywhere!


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